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Submitted by Michael Berkens:

Subject: For your companys business name
Date: October 24, 2013 12:38:00 AM EDT
To: “info”<>
Dear Manager,

We are a Brand name registration and dispute organization in Asia, and we have something to confirm with you. We formally received an application on October,23,2013. One company called “PPBT Investment Co.,Ltd.” trying to apply for “thedomains” as Brand Name and some domain names through our organization.

After our initial examination, we found that the Brand Name and website names above are similar to yours. These days we have been dealing with it. Now we hope to get your affirmation. If your company did not authorize the aforesaid company to register these, please contact us as soon as possible.In addition, we hereby declare that time limit for this issue is One week. If your company don’t respond within the time limit, we will approve the application submitted by “PPBT Investment Co.,Ltd” unconditionally.
Best Regards!
Lisa Wang
Senior Consultant

Tel: +0086-556-8773279 extension:8221 || Fax:+0086-556-8773279
Room501-502, Green party state No.350 Wanjiang Avenue,Anqing,China
P Please consider the environment before you print this e-mail.


( Posted: 20131024 )

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