RDNH Cases

Below is our current list of those inducted into the Hall of Shame or found guilty of trying to Reverse Hijack a Domain Name in which they had no legal rights. In other words they tried to bully the rightful owners into relinquishing their property and forcing these innocent parties to spend thousands to defend what they already own. Since there is no Legal Penalty, we are determined to Shame these companies along with their attorneys that represent them. What can you do? Tweet, Like, Circulate! Help me, Help you!

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Investment Firm Ruled Domain Hijacker Trying To Grab SchwabFinancialCare.com

Case Number: 2017845

Represented by: Amanda Martson of Holland & Hart LLP

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., a renowned financial investment firm, has gained a stain of notoriety after being found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking in connection with an effort to transfer the domain SchwabFinancialCare.com from a personal domain owner, who happens to be named Simon Schwab. In a split decision, a three-member panel of […]


Online Reputation Company Scarred By RDNH In GuaranteedRemoval.com UDRP

Case Number: D2022-3797

Represented by: Gibney, Anthony & Flaherty, LLP

In what can easily be dubbed an ironic ruling, Erase Technologies, LLC, which runs the online reputation management website guaranteedremovals.com, has been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for trying to transfer the domain guaranteedremoval.com from its owner. The Miami, Florida-based company, which is owned by a Delaware parent corporation, was handed the RDNH […]


Property Company Builds RDNH On Attempt At Deeded.com

Case Number: 18538-UDRP

Represented by: John H. Simpson

Deeded Inc., an online company based in Canada, specializing in property searches, has been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for attempting to use the UDRP process to transfer the domain deeded.com from its current registrant. Deeded.com was registered in May of 2003, but the complainant company was only formed in 2019. The company […]


Turkish Company Dressed In RDNH Attempting To Grab exxe.com

Case Number: D2022-3960

Represented by: Arnold & Siedsma B.V.

The operator of a chain of luxury fashion stores based in Turkey has been found guilty of attempted Reverse Domain Name Hijacking after bringing a UDRP case before the World Intellectual Property Organization.┬áCetin Family Tekstil Gida Pazarlama Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited, which is better known as the Cetin Family Group, based in Bursa, Turkey, had […]


RDNH Scars French Company Attempting To Take BeautyGarde.com

Case Number: D2022-3862

Represented by: Promark IP Law Firm

A French beauty supply company, operating on the domain BeautyGarden.com, has been scarred with a ruling of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking after attempting to transfer the domain BeautyGarde.com from a U.S.-based beauty supply company.┬áThe French company, Sothys Auriac, of Auriac, France, was represented by Promark IP Law Firm, and holds numerous trademarks for the phrase, […]

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My hope is this is the last RDNH case I will ever have to write about and circulate. The reality is I will write every company and their representation every single time there is a case of RDNH. To fight back we had to create HallofShame.com to get the message across to Main Street and Main Stream. Now maybe some value based companies will think twice before flirting with this tactic and come to the bargaining table in good faith instead of being labeled forever on Hall of Shame. The net is written in ink! And now a monument has been built at a common crossroads that many more folks will see. Just like being in Times Square.

Thou Shalt Not Steal! Stop trying to steal and start doing Business! Feel free to repost Far and Wide!

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Rick Schwartz

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