RDNH Cases

Below is our current list of those inducted into the Hall of Shame or found guilty of trying to Reverse Hijack a Domain Name in which they had no legal rights. In other words they tried to bully the rightful owners into relinquishing their property and forcing these innocent parties to spend thousands to defend what they already own. Since there is no Legal Penalty, we are determined to Shame these companies along with their attorneys that represent them. What can you do? Tweet, Like, Circulate! Help me, Help you!

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Australian Holdings Company Bagged By RDNH Trying To Swipe VGW.com

Case Number: D2023-0345

Represented by: Kiran Singh

A digital holdings company, based in Australia, has been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for attempting to steal the domain VGW.com using the UDRP process. VGW Holdings Limited, represented by attorney Kiran Singh, has operated an online casino at vgw.co since 2010, and acquired several trademarks beginning in 2016. However, the domain, owned by Hyundoo […]


Vitamin Maker Tainted By RDNH Trying To Steal MundoNatural.com

Case Number: D2022-4958

Represented by: Beléndez Law Offices

Vitamin maker Mundo Natural, Inc., based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for attempting to use the UDRP process to steal the domain name mundonatural.com from its owner, who acquired the domain in 2015. The domain, itself, was registered in July of 2002. Mundo Natural, Inc. owns […]


UDRP Becomes Ticket To RDNH For Trying To Steal TicketSMS.com and .net

Case Number: D2023-0442

Represented by: Studio Legale Antonio Gallo

An Italian company and an individual businessman have been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking by a single-member panel of the World Intellectual Property Organization for using the UDRP process to force a transfer of the domains ticketsms.com and ticketsms.net, both of which were registered by their current owner in 2009. The company, TicketSms […]


Engineering Firm Builds RDNH Trying To Steal JKDewberry.com

Case Number: D2022-5016

Represented by: McCandlish Lillard, P.C.

Virginia-based Dewberry Engineers, Inc., which has been in business since 1927, has been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for trying to steal the domain jkdewberry.com from its owner, John K. Dewberry, who owns Dewberry IT. The ruling was handed up by a sole panelist of the World Intellectual Property Organization on March 13, […]


Empower Media Short Circuited By RDNH Trying To Steal EmpowerMedia.com

Case Number: NAF 2030007

Represented by: Matthew A. Homyk of Blank Rome LLP

Empower Media Partners, LLC, more commonly known as Empower Media Marketing, has been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking for trying to steal the domain empowermedia.com from its current owner, M. Jarrar. Jarrar is a Canadian businessman doing who responded to EMP’s UDRP by noting he has been using the ‘Empower Media’ mark since […]


My hope is this is the last RDNH case I will ever have to write about and circulate. The reality is I will write every company and their representation every single time there is a case of RDNH. To fight back we had to create HallofShame.com to get the message across to Main Street and Main Stream. Now maybe some value based companies will think twice before flirting with this tactic and come to the bargaining table in good faith instead of being labeled forever on Hall of Shame. The net is written in ink! And now a monument has been built at a common crossroads that many more folks will see. Just like being in Times Square.

Thou Shalt Not Steal! Stop trying to steal and start doing Business! Feel free to repost Far and Wide!

Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz

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