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Sahil Gupta Guilty Of RDNH In Second Attempt To Hijack Spase.com

Case Number: FA2011001921922

Complainant: Sahil Gupta

Represented by:

Different forum. Same result. Less than 100 days after his first arbitration loss, Sahil Gupta, of Spase.io, has been found guilty by the National Arbitration Forum of another case of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking in his second attempt to use the UDRP process to grab the domain spase.com from Mrs. Jello, LLC. As with the first case, Mr. Gupta represented himself and Mrs. Jello was represented by Greenberg & Lieberman.

Sahil Gupta, RDNH recipientWhile Mr. Gupta claimed there was new evidence that justified his second filing, his complaint does not explain why he chose a different forum, the NAF, to file his second complaint. Gupta’s first complaint, in which he was found guilty of RDNH for trying to steal spase.com, was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization. The WIPO case was cited by the NAF panel, and it may be read here.

“As a result of the WIPO Case the Complainant must have been aware that the Domain Name could not have been registered in bad faith as the Complainant lacked the relevant rights in the SPASE name at the time of registration of the Domain Name,” the panel wrote. “As such the Panel has no alternative but to hold that this Complaint is a case of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.”

The panel handed up its ruling on December 23, 2020, only 29 days after Mr. Gupta filed his complaint with the NAF.

Mr. Sahil Gupta becomes the only person to be listed twice on Hall Of Shame for trying to hijack a single domain name.

Source: https://www.adrforum.com/DomainDecisions/1921922.htm

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