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Spanish Tech Design Firm, Gesab, Found Guilty Of RDNH

Case Number: D2018-1323

Complainant: Gesab, S.A.

Represented by: Bellavista

The Barcelona-based tech design and furniture company, Gesab, S.A., has been found guilty of attempted Reverse Domain Name Hijacking by a panel of the World Intellectual Property Organization, after the company brought a complaint to obtain rights to the domain name deskwall.com. The company was represented by Bellavista Legal, which also has offices in Barcelona, Spain.

The respondent, Oyo AS, of Oslo, Norway, registered the domain in May of 2015, and noted the complainant only received its trademark in May of 2017.

In issuing its decision, the panel made two key points on its RDNH finding. One was that the complainant should have known there was little chance of proving the domain was registered in bad faith. It also found that Gesab had attempted to purchase the domain from Oyo, and that Gesab declined because, as it stated in its complaint, it believed the sales price to be “inflated”.

The WIPO board handed up its ruling on August 6, 2018.

Source: https://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/search/text.jsp?case=D2018-1323

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