RDNH Watch List

The following are current actions in which a finding of Reverse Domains Hijacking has been requested and can very well happen. We will follow these proceedings to their conclusions and then update the decisions when they are published. Even cases where RDNH is not found will be interesting and instructive.

I want to thank Michael Berkens of TheDomains.com for providing and maintaining this list!

Domain(s) Complainant Attorney Case No Result
Timbermate.com Timbermate Products Pty Ltd of Nunawading, Victoria, Australia K & L Gates LLP, Australia http://www.klgates.com D2013-1603 GUILTY 11/03/2013
cairnsairportparking.com.au Cairns Airport Pty Ltd. DAU2013-0023 GUILTY 10/24/2013
GoldCoast.com Gold Coast Tourism Corporation Ltd Pod Legal, Australia D2013-1733 GUILTY 11/25/2013
TataBank.com Tata Sons Ltd. India D2013-1719 Withdrawn
Qlp.com Quality Logo Products, Inc. d2013-1691 Complaint Denied 04-Dec-2013
Jetgo.com Jetgo Australia Holdings Pty Limited D2013-1339 GUILTY 9/17
canary.com 1515762 Transferred
bergzeit.com Bergzeit GmbH d2013-1346 GUILTY 9/11!
croma.com Infiniti Retail Limited d2013-1360 GUILTY 9/6!
corediagnostics.com Core Diagnostics of Gurgaon, India d2013-1238 GUILTY 8/28!
ovation.com DC Labs Inc. Katherine Bond of Sheldon Mak & Anderson, California, USA 1517659 Transferred 13-Nov-2013
driveups.com United Parcel Service of America Inc. d2013-1555 Transferred
johnsons.com Johnson & Johnson d2013-1281 Panel Denied Transfer
prive.com Fortrend Group LlC d2013-1377 Panel Denied Transfer
share.tv 1515677 Complaint Withdrawn
keepsmart.com, keepsmartx.com 1515835 Panel Denied Transfer
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